GSM/GPRS autonomous weather station AWS-X

Monitoring weather conditions and environmental parameters is very important for agriculture, farming, sailing, flying. The new AWS-X weather station is a just price, reliable, GSM/GPRS autonomous weather station, that can measure many parameters. It comes already with full GSM and GPRS functionality. Weather data can be simply retrieved with an SMS or can be sent to a IP address with UDP packets. Autonomous weather station AWS-X is the ideal product for the farmer or viticulture who wishes to optimize treatments either in standard or biological farming. It is also very useful to watch-out for black frost conditions and receive alarms by SMS, to be able to act promptly. It can be used to calculate Evapotranspiration (ET) easily, either with the Hargreaves formula or the FAO Penman-Monteith thanks to the AWX WIZARD application that we supply free of charge to our customers.

Real time weather data received by GPRS from DPS-Promatic AWS-X

The banner above shows real-time data from our AWX station in Forlì. Click on the banner to see more data

GSM weather station

The AWS-X weather station can be configured with many sensors

Temperature/Humidity wireless sensor

WIRELESS temperature/humidity sensor for the AWS-X weather station

Software package for AWS-X

With the AWX weather station, we supply, free of charge, the AWX Wizard application that runs under Linux, MAC and Windows, to download data see their graphs and calculate Evapotranspiration (ET) and count hours within a temperature range


The modern farmer must take advantage of state-of-the-art technology to reduce costs, reduce pollution and risks for himself and for people who will eat the food. Both in standard or biological farming it is very important to reduce chemical treatments to spend less and to pollute less. A weather station AWS-X can warn you of frost conditions in spring, so you can spray water or activate fans, or, as a last resort, be able to show the damage to your insurer.
With our GSM/GPRS weather station you will know exactly when it is the right moment to spray your crops. Weather conditions change quite a lot, even at 1 km distance, on the hills, where usually vines are cultivated.
Our solar powered weather station AWS-X can be placed anywhere in your farm. It is very useful to optimize irrigation, because it can monitor soil moisture but also calculate evapotranspiration according to the Hargreaves or Fao Penman-Monteith formulas. Water is a scarce resource and it will be more and more expensive in the future, hence the necessity of using only what is needed.
DPS-Promatic manufactures GSM weather stations since 1999. Year after year we have improved them, adding new sensors and making them more suitable for agriculture and weather data acquisition. The version we produce now is ideal for anybody who wishes to set up a network of stations to monitor the climate in differente areas. Thanks to the built-in GPRS feature, this unit will send data in the internet to your server from anywhere in the world. With the AWS-X stations it is possible to acquire data very easily, at a cost that is unbelievably low.
Depending on the sensors attached to it, the AWS-X weather station can measure up to the following parameters:

  • Wind speed and Direction
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Rain
  • Solar radiation or UV radiation
  • Leaf wetness
  • Atmospheric air pressure
  • Soil temperature
  • Soil moisture (up to 6 probes)

  • It has the following standard features:
  • GPRS upload to a WEB server: AWS-X it can send a packet with all weather data to a static IP address, at intervals programmable from 1 to 60 minutes. The unit will send UDP packets to a static IP address. Though it is not difficult to receive, store and serve them, still is not trivial and needs some skills. We can assist or provide a computer that does the job. See examples of Real time weather data gathered from various stations with GPRS
  • Battery charger: it will charge its 7AH Lead battery automatically using the power coming from the solar panel. It can stay 15 days in cloudy conditions and recharge fast when sun shines again. Solar panel can be tilted from 30 to 45 degrees to accomodate any latitute.
  • Frost alarm: It can send SMS alarms whenever the temperature goes below a programmable level.
  • High temperature alarm: It can send SMS alarms whenever the temperature goes above a programmable level.
  • Wind alarm: It can send SMS alarms whenever the wind speed exceeds a certain level
  • Rain alarm: It can send SMS alarms whenever rainfall exceeds a certain level
  • SMS daily message: It can send 1 daily SMS to up to 8 numbers with relevant weather data. Time of delivery is programmable.
  • SMS query: it is possible to receive real time weather data sending a request SMS (#PWD123456#GTM). This is the SMS in details:
  • LAST 10 min.
  • WIND:N (10) SD:12
  • Km/h: 2 (0/12)
  • TEMP:20 C (Today:10/22)
  • RH:78% DP:3.2 C
  • RAIN:0.0 mm (24h 0.6)
  • POW:B (12.5V)
  • (To receive and SMS with meteo data, send an SMS with the text #PWD123456#GTM# to our station number +39-348-0941409) It can have the following options:
  • WIRELESS SENSORS for humidity and temperature You can build a network of wireless sensors around the AWX station, so it will receive these data and send them to the internet using only 1 SIM. These sensors can be 50 to 150m away, depending on conditions. It is possible to use these sensors alone and then retrieve data using a PC or a Tablet and a USB interface that reads them in wireless mode.
  • LCD display: to be able to see the relevant data directly on site
  • Flash Data Logger to store up to 300 days of data on flash memory
  • Application AWX-WIZARD

    With the AWS-X we supply our application AWX-WIZARD, that allows downloading data from a server, seeing them in various graphs and calculating EvapoTranspiration and count hour of cold weather (or hot weather) in a period of time.

    REAL TIME data from various AWS-X weather stations

    It is possible to see real time data uploaded to our server in GPRS from various stations. Some of these stations change from time to time. Usually we allow our customers to make a test using our site, but then they set up their own servers.

    More INFO about GPRS and sending data in the Internet
  • Example of data sent to a server in GPRS. We can host your data if you want.
  • Specifications of the packet, and how to receive them in your own server.
  • Get your own banner to put in your web site: if you have one of our AWX stations that sends data to our server you can install in your web site a free banner with real time data similar to the one below.

    The cost of the station depends on the sensors and the options you need. If you click on this link, you will see the list of options and sensors. Choose what you need (as a minimum you need the AWS-X CPU box) and see the total amount.