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GTR GSM/GPRS temperature humidity and dew point frost monitor and alarm

  • Monitors temperature, humidity and dew point and sends alarm on case of frost risk
  • Includes 4 bands MC55i GSM/GPRS professional modem
  • Sends SMS alarm to up to 8 phones
  • Uploads temperature and humidity to a server in the internet via GPRS.
  • Incorporates Battery backup with Solar Panel and built-in charger
  • Just price
  • Designed and manufacured in Italy

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GPRS temperature and humidity monitor
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GTR is the ideal device to monitor temperature humidity and dew-point, send data in the internet with GSM/GPRS service, available worldwide, send alarm for temperature and dew-point, to start active protection against frost, like irrigation or wind machines.
It is supplied with its solar panel and internal battery and charge regulator.
It uploads data every hour. Here is an example of GTR data upload The unit can be programmed to send alarms via SMS, to up to 8 telephones, under the following conditions:
  • Low temperature
  • Low dew-point
  • Low temperature AND dew-point
  • High temperature
  • High Dew Point
GTR GSM/GPRS temperature humidity and dew point frost monitor and alarm is the ideal just price solution for:
  • Crop protection
  • Road safety
  • Frost early warning

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